Project information

  • Category: Big Data ,Cloud
  • Client: Leading Retail Chain, USA
  • Technology: Hadoop

Goals achieved

  • Driven by highly competitive market conditions and the need to modernize and enhance the EDW Architecture, client aims to leverage Hadoop Big Data Technologies for establishing an Enterprise-wide Data Hub(EDH).
  • As a part of this project a Hadoop cluster would be built to demonstrate EDH capabilities to ingest, process and deliver the data for analytical use.
  • The goal of EDH Phase 2 is limited to Batch Ingesting of data into Hadoop with daily frequency. The BI tool selected for Visualization would have the necessary compatibility with the technologies selected for Data Storage and Retrieval as a part of EDH Phase 2.D
  • Client now has automated their data ingestion process.
  • Client able to analyze data 10 to 15 times faster than tradition DWH..